Henna eyebrows

In the past few years, the eyebrow industry has increased significantly to clients’ benefit. Henna eyebrow coloring is now one of the eyebrow reshaping solutions available. But truly, what is it? I will describe in this essay the overview of this magnificent process that I was literally in love with!

WHAT TECHNIQUE DO WE USE for Henna eyebrow?

Henna eyebrow coloring consists of applying a powder mixed with water to the brow and skin to give it a thicker and darker appearance. while keeping the hair’s natural hue in mind It truly gives a full appearance, and it does so instantly.
So Furthermore, the novel henna coloring formula helps to strengthen the hair, restore its growth, and restore the natural curve of the brows. So Henna, which contains hydrolyzed proteins, vitamin complexes, and anti-oxidants, promotes the natural state of brow hair. Moreover This benefit is significant and highly valued by clients, making this service extremely popular. The more you apply the HENNA on your brows and skin, the more evenly your brows will grow!


This treatment is for people who have scant brows, have had their brows plucked abusively, or have pale brows . and as a result approach is especially recommended for those who are sensitive to traditional, more chemical dyes and particular objects because the dye (henna eyebrows is vegetable and nontoxic.

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FirstlyThe technician can select from a range of silky, rich colors with natural undertones to produce the perfect henna eyebrows color for the customer. These colors can be used separately or in combination, depending on the desired effect. And There are eleven colors available, ranging from very pale blonde to extremely dark brown, almost black, as well as two concentrations for specific needs. Secondly, It’s a lot of fun to play about with the unlimited color possibilities that always produce a wonderful look. TOUCH OF BEAUTY carries Professional Henna Line, which includes ten beautiful colors and two highly pigmented concentrates.


  • Medium to thick brows
  • Neutral skin types are ideal clients.
  • Lovely natural brow line
  • Eyebrows that are pale

Clientele undergoing treatment:

  • Awkward brow line

Restricted clientele : 

  • Previous Microblading touch-ups
  • Former permanent make-up


  • 100 percent natural and vegetal
  • painless
  • quick and safe
  • Restructures the brow line
  • Creates the natural appearance of a provided brow A hair coloring that lasts up to 6 weeks and 14 days on the skin.


  • Absorption can be problematic on certain skin types (eg: big pores, oily skin)
  • Does not penetrate scars or micro-scars
  • Since it only lasts two weeks on the skin, making it tough (but achievable with my expert assistance) for a customer with little hair

If you want to get your brows shaped and hennaed, make an appointment at Touch of Beauty. Touch of Beauty provides high-quality beauty treatments.