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What exactly is threading?
Threading is a method of hair removal that originated in Central Asia. It has lately gained popularity in Western countries, especially for aesthetic reasons.
This is an ancient technique that originated in Asia. The specialist makes a little lasso out of a piece of string and pulls the hairs out of the skin one by one.

The benefits
Threading is suitable for individuals with sensitive skin since it does not utilize chemicals or heat on the skin, lowering the chance of an allergic reaction.

The disadvantages
However, it can be quite painful, and your skin will frequently be extremely red afterward.


Waxing touch of beauty Bremerton

What actually is waxing?
It’s a cosmetic treatment that involves applying wax to the skin with a wooden spatula. After applying to the skin, the wax cools and sticks to your hair. The wax slice is then rapidly removed from the skin, along with the hairs.

The benefits

Firstly, waxing is simple to conduct, gives good results. It is appropriate for those who find epilation and threading to be too unpleasant. The more you do it, the softer and thinner the hairs will come back.

Both procedures leave you hair-free for the same period of time: four weeks on average.

Is it possible that you are allergic to waxing or threading?
This is not frequent, however certain people violently react to waxing. Of course, you can do an allergy test 24 hours before the therapy. Because some people have red bumps or pimples after threading, it is critical that you visit a clean salon.

What is the best way to prepare your skin for waxing or threading?

  • To decrease the possibility of bumps and pimples, make sure your skin is clean before and after the treatment.
  • After waxing or threading, Do not apply makeup to the areas where you have been waxed or threaded. Because your skin is so sensitive, cosmetics will cause discomfort and pimples.
  • As always, but especially today, keep an eye out for the sun. After the treatment, use an SPF, avoid direct sunlight, and avoid using a sunbed: your skin is very sensitive after a hair removal treatment.
  • Unfortunately, when you have your period, your pain threshold is frequently significantly lower. If you are aware that this also applies to you, it may be a good idea to arrange your treatment on a different day.

Touch Of Beauty‘s WAX and THREAD Technicians are the finest in the business, with years of experience. Because we employ a unique technique, we ensure that the skin remains smoother for longer and is less irritated. Furthermore, because the finest quality wax is used and a particular method is used, the process is considerably less painful than traditional waxing and Threading treatments.

At threading, the cotton thread is occasionally duplicated and twisted together, allowing hair to be removed from the roots. This weakens the hair follicles and over time causes the new hair diminish and thinner. The method enables brow experts to work with more accuracy. Threading allows our professionals to sculpt your brows with amazing accuracy, resulting in a clean and defined contour. This approach uses no chemicals or cosmetics, making it a natural process that is appropriate for delicate skin.

Also for Threading brows:
At TOUCH OF BEAUTY, we treat each brow with the same procedures but with a distinct approach. This is due to the fact that brows, like people, are unique. Hair removal using a fine thread is the focus of the treatments. Trimming, tweezing, and threading are all standard procedures. Our professionals will discuss and advise you on the ideal brow shape for your face prior to the treatment.
It is a natural method of hair removal, making it appropriate for people with sensitive skin. The professionals will be able to remove the remaining few tiny hairs using tweezing. Trimming will also offer a smoother appearance as a finishing touch. Additionally, tinting is an option. Tinting will give your brows a color boost, giving them a fuller and thicker appearance. Depending on the skin, your brows will keep their thick appearance for 2 to 3 weeks!

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