Tint vs Henna

what’s the difference between henna and tint? Brow henna is a semi-permanent solution that lasts up to two weeks on the skin and up to four weeks on the hair. It adheres to both, and has a longer processing time. Brow tint is a semi permanent solution that lasts up to two weeks on the …

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Henna eyebrows

tes the natural state of brow hair. Moreover This benefit is significant and highly valued by clients, making this service extremely popular. The more you apply the HENNA on your brows and skin, the more evenly your brows will grow!


Tinting of the brows and lashes

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting is the ideal method to look put-together with no effort. Your brows and eyelashes will seem defined even if you don’t use any makeup. If you want a more dramatic appearance, select a contrasting hue, or top off your look with mascara or eyebrow powder. It’s in the eyes…