Perfect eyebrow shape

Determine the appropriate form for your eyebrow

In theory, you should best fit your natural eyebrow shape. But you may have light hair or little hairs to make them more stressful. In which form it is then useful to know.

Which brow form best complements your face?

You can determined your eyebrow shape in two ways.


This approach allows you to quickly pinpoint the beginning, highest point, and end of your brow.

What exactly do you require?

• Pencil (for the brows)
• White Stick

You’ll need the eyebrow pencil as soon as you start signing your brows. You use the White Stick to make eyebrow powder waterproof.

EYEBROWS SHAPE touchofbeauty info

Take your eyebrow pencil and draw a straight line from your nostril to your brow. Make a line between your brows, where the pencil crosses your brow, using the White Stick on the inside of the pencil.

B – Your eyebrow’s highest position

Place the (eyebrow) pencil along the inside of your nostril and the outside of your pupil all the way up to your brow. The highest point of your brow should be here. Use the White Stick to make a mark there as well.

C – The farthest point of your brow

Now, draw a diagonal line from your nostril to the outer of your eye with the (eyebrow) pencil. The tip of your brow is where the pencil crosses your brow. Draw a line on the inside of the pencil with the White Stick. The hairs that grow after that can be plucked as well.


In this method, you first determine what shape face you have. Every face shape has an eyebrow shape that is most suitable.

Face shapes

You can subdivide the different face shapes as follows:

1 – Oval

The soft, curved eyebrow shape. It goes straight up and then gently curves from top to bottom.

2 – Round

A high arch. By raising the arch of the brow as high as possible, the face seems less round. Avoid having rounder brows. This causes a round face to appear even rounder.

3 – Long

A straight eyebrow shape. The horizontal shape makes the face appear shorter.

4 – Rectangle

An angled eyebrow. A square jaw is a strong feature. Balance it with a strong eyebrow. A thicker, stronger eyebrow color and shape provides balance with a heavier jawline. A sharp peak at the top makes the eyebrow stronger. Also beautiful: the curved eyebrow shape, as with the diamond face shape. The curves soften the facial expression.

5 – Heart

Rounded eyebrow. This makes your look softer. Create a beautiful heart shape with the tip of your chin as the bottom of the heart and rounded eyebrows as the top of the heart.

6 – Diamond

The curved curvature of the brows. Beautiful curves will soften your expression while also making the largest area of your face appear less wide. A round brow shape, similar to a heart-shaped face, is a common second option.

Get inspired – brow experiences and advice

Eyebrows can be shaped and contoured by threading.

Threading is ideal for those with sensitive skin since it does not use chemicals or heat on the skin, reducing the possibility of an adverse response.

In my salon ‘Touch of Beauty‘ I will help you choose which style is best suited for your eye shape, desired look. You get and appointment and get your desire look.

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